Monday, February 15, 2010

Tips On How To Hide Bulimia Are There Any Tips For Bulimia?

Are there any tips for bulimia? - tips on how to hide bulimia

Do not try to find a cure.
do not ask if this is not done properly or not
No questions about side effects

everyone is asking

Are there any tips for bulimia?

any advice on how to overcome

I need to know some things. Ok

1. the frequency of vomiting, bulimia? every day? or more times in one day? or other after each day?
2. As you can hide from your parents?
3. How to avoid eating ..?
4. Like bulimics eat?
5. How much exercise bulimia?


4561293R... said...

1 .. I broke the day after the dinner.
2. eat like a pig waiting to hand out vomit spray and perfumes.
3. I have not Ebute Tim diddnt I say I feel much
4. I ate normal amounts
5. Daily and excessive

Multiblade time I fainted in school. Article I, e-mail that you are rehabing horribel but now I'm 14, 5'4'', 115 pounds and healthy.

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